The Orthodox

The culture at HUSH Art, LLC is about upholding high standards of intentionality, creativity, and execution. Moreover, to bring the best, most vulnerable and personal artistic relationship in order to produce the realist, substantial, affective, and authentic results; conjuring a product that is meaningful to you and an exquisite representation of your personality.

Be bold. Have an artist’s vision.


Whether you are a business owner seeking video marketing, a musician wanting visuals to your song, artist, or valued consumer of fine art, you will be seen, understood, and respected. We work with anyone regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation or identification, or political affiliation. Creating beautiful, meaningful things and conveying messages can be a very sensitive and sentimental process, and HUSH wants to reassure you that the philosophy of collaboration and propelling movement, compelling hearts, and inspiring minds is acknowledged and felt with great depth and clarity.

Basically, we take this sh*t very seriously.

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